Oma Sense

Levana Oma Sense Wearable Baby Breathing Movement Monitor

Oma Sense
Completely Cordless
No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Frequencies
Powerful Speaker
Made with Medical Grade Materials
Easy to Clean Surface
For Babies 0-6 Months Old

The Power to Sense

Engineered to make parenthood a lot less stressful, Oma Sense is a wearable baby monitor so advanced it detects breathing movements every 80 milliseconds without touching your baby’s skin. Using our revolutionary WakeUp™ Technology, if breathing movements are not detected, Oma Sense will vibrate to stimulate your baby and alarm to notify you that something is wrong.

How it Works

Power on your Oma Sense
Clip the device onto your baby and Oma Sense will begin monitoring your little one's breathing movements
If breathing movements are not detected after 15 seconds, Oma Sense will gently vibrate to stimulate your baby
If breathing movement does not resume after 5 seconds, Oma Sense will sound a loud alarm to notify the caregiver

Worry Less. Do More.

Life Saver...

"I received this device because my son was born with a strider and loose larynx and had rough breathing. One night the device sounded off twice the next day the pediatrician advised to take him to the emergency at the Stollery Children's hospital where he had emergency surgery performed. It did it's job and now my son is breathing better and in recovery."
-Bearsmom, Edmonton AB
Oma Sense Lifestyle

Saved My Daughters Life...

"At one-month-old, she was napping and the alarm went off. She truly was not breathing and it took a scarily long time of picking her up and patting her butt and back before she started breathing again. It turned out she had a condition (severe reflux) that was messing with her central nervous system and shutting down her breathing. Medication solved the problem, but I probably would have lost my precious little girl if not for this alarm. Parents worried you are being paranoid buying this- don’t be. Buying it and thinking you wasted your money because it never went off is a blessing compared to not buying it and regretting it forever."
- Jennifer

A Breathing Baby is All We Want!

"This little gadget is very efficient. Our four-day old little girl forgot to breathe and the alarm sounded off at night while we were sleeping alerting us that something was wrong. Thank you for giving us a chance to get her breathing again."
- C. Leveille

All in One

Without any additional apps or devices, Oma Sense does not use any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth frequencies making it truly wireless. Rest easy knowing your internet connection will never affect the reliability of your baby monitor.

Built for Multitasking

Little one’s can be a handful. We know it’s hard! Oma Sense was developed using our patented clip design so you can easily attach it to their pajamas, pants or onesie with just one hand.

Made in Canada

With 20 years of experience designing baby monitors and listening to parents just like you, we were determined to deliver a high quality and reliable baby safety device to families everywhere. Striving for excellence, we are proud to say Oma Sense is the only baby breathing movement monitor entirely designed, engineered and made right here in Canada, with patents in Canada, the US and Europe.

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Model Number
What's Included
  1. Portable Movement Monitor
  2. Carrying Case
  3. 2 x Panasonic CR2450 Coin Cell Battery
  4. Quick Start Guide
  5. Lifetime Customer Support
Size and Weight
2.4 inches (H) x 1.92 inches (W) x 1 inch (D) 31.4 g
Medical-grade ABS plastic and TPE polymers
Batteries + Power
User replaceable CR2450 battery can last up to 30 days (with normal usage)
Sound Output
70 decibels @ 10 cm • 60 decibels @ 30 cm
Water and Dust Resistance
Suitable Ages
0 - 6 months
Wire Free
Yes, with no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connection
Vibration Alerts
Audible Alerts
FCC Certified, CE Certified, RoHS, CUL/UL, ISO 13485:2003
Country of Origin
Made in China
Quick Start Guide-

Support Videos

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