Our Story

Why We Do It?

One night back in 2001, Raj was caring for his niece. After putting her down to sleep, he felt the constant urge to check in every few minutes to make sure she was okay. He had an audio monitor to use, and although it was the norm at the time, it didn’t help calm his nerves.  That’s when it clicked! While developing DIY video security solutions, Raj was surprised this type of technology wasn’t being used for child safety. In that moment, our first video baby monitor was born. Less than a year later we brought the first wireless hand-held and full-color video baby monitor to North America.Today Levana has grown into a large team of dedicated parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and people passionate about child safety and delivering peace of mind to people just like us.

How We Do It?

Fueled by the people, knowledge and technology from our video surveillance roots, we develop reliable baby safety solutions. Dedicated to giving parents the freedom to do more and worry less, we are driven by their feedback. No product goes to market without first being put into the hands and homes of parents with young children.

What's in a Name?

Levana is pronounced as “Le-Vaa-Naa”. Levana, meaning ‘to rise’, is derived from the legend of the Roman Goddess who oversaw and lifted the child from birth. We are dedicated to helping parents to rise and to care for their children without sacrificing who they are and activities that make them happy.

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