Astra™, Ayden™, Keera™, Stella™, Ovia™ Additional Battery

Astra™, Ayden™, Keera™, Stella™, Ovia™ Additional Battery


$19.99 USD



Monitor Replacement Battery

Compatible with Astra™, Keera™, Stella™, and Ovia™  monitors only. 


UPC 061783252758
What's Included
  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery

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Baby Daddy September-06, 2017 Ottawa

I purchased a replacement battery mid February 2017, for our Keera baby monitor that was almost 3 years old. The original battery couldn't hold a charge for almost half a year now so we got a good 2.5 years out of it. I purchased the replacement battery from the manufacturer thinking that it would last just as long. Well, I was wrong. The battery was ok for about 5 months. Now when we fully charge the battery, it won't last longer than 15 minutes when it's unplugged. I contacted Levana(CWD) and they gave me some troubleshooting options which didn't do anything because the battery is the issue. In the end, they can't do anything about it because their batteries only have a 30 day warranty. I spent over $30 for this battery when I could've gotten the same one off of eBay or Amazon for less than $10. DO NOT

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